SS 2016


SS 2016

Creativity starts from within; thoughts, feelings, personal experiences and culture are at the roots of your taste.
Merge is a collection mixing East and West. My personal interaction with a new culture and my admiration of Arabic calligraphy formed the inspiration for this collection.
In 2014, I visited the Netherlands and was mesmerised by its beauty and rich culture, but what I was drawn to the most were tulip fields. The feminine and enveloped shape of the tulips, their vivid colors and the wondrous assemblage of these breathtaking flowers were my primary source of inspiration.
Arabic calligraphy is complex and powerful; its endless curves give it a strong artistic edge.
Merge combines the calligraphy designs of renowned calligrapher Everitte Barbee with the empowering words of Lebanese feminist authors Joumana Haddad and Leila Baalbaki.
Never before has the delicacy of the flower been combined with the boldness of Arabic calligraphy…